Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A normal Tuesday.

Yup, it was just a normal Tuesday. Although it was pretty good. I got up early than usual so that meant that I got to have a more leisurely breakfast. I also got to work a little early so I was able to get some stuff done before everyone else came in.

But then I got home I got dinner, Jenni and I watched some TV, I washed my bike while Jenni went to Walmart to print some pictures. Then when she came back we went swimming. It's been great! The water is really warm and there is never anyone at the pool! We went swimming the other day too.

Also, last night, Bob let me borrow some tapes. He taped almost every televised cross country mountain bike race for years! I only took two for now, but I'm watching them right now. Intense!

Well, I'm going to go so I'll hopefully post again soon. See ya!

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