Tuesday, July 10, 2007

So sore...

Yesterday, the COTM MTB crew got together for some ride time at Keystone State Park. My first time there. I really, really like it! It's got some technical sections, some nice long downhill, some twisty singletrack... a little bit of everything.

I've always heard that Keystone is nice, but I found my new favorite trail! I can't wait to take Jenni there. She didn't come yesterday because she wasn't feeling 100%. But without here there, Bob and I were able to do the expert loop.

The whole crew did the beginner loop, then everyone decided what loop we would do next. The rest decided to do the beginner loop again and Bob and I did the expert.

Since I haven't ridden in a while, because of the rain, I didn't know how my body would like the expert loop, but man did it feel good. I took off following Bob, an excellent rider, as we carved through some soggy singletrack.

As soon as I found a "hole" I sprinted by and took the lead and held it for most the ride. I really just pretended I was racing. It felt so good! I was just gliding over those rocks and roots and as soon as I hit some hardpack, I would just motor and really gain some ground.

I forgot my water though, and by the end of the ride, I was a little more tired that I usually would have been. T-Town, my lbs (local bike shop) gave me some sort of energy chews or something, but I forgot those too.

On the ride home, Bob and I talked a lot about racing. He gave me some tips and tricks that will really help me out and I also asked him to keep training me as we ride together.

I can't wait to get out riding again, but I better go for now, let me leave you with some stats from the computer...

Date: July 9
Mileage: 6.22
June mileage: 31.04

Max speed: 18 mph
Ride time: 57:22 (nonstop)
Average: 6.4 mph

Oh, also, on Saturday, Jenni and I went riding at Turkey Mountain, but just the red loop. She is starting to do really well, she' clipped in too and that can be tricky but it's not a big problem for her I guess. She also can get up hills really well.

But when we were done, I raced her home, her in the van and me on the bike. Long story short, I got home about 60-90 seconds after her. She was just getting out of the van when I pulled up. I was flying, probably averaging around 16 mph.

Well, that's it for now. I'll have to post some pictures soon because this blog gets boring without pictures!

But do check out my Fickr account... it's has a lot of pics, mostly wedding right now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/scrappapervlog/

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