Monday, September 17, 2007

Awesome weekend! Hopefully this next one will be equally aweseome!

Jenni and I had a really great weekend this past weekend! We biked at Osage Hills State Park with the COTM MTB crew. That was on Saturday, also on Saturday was Josh's birthday so a bunch of went out to eat then we went to a movie. We went to Abuelos and they have really good fajitas!

Let's see...

Sunday was a day of sleeping in and getting things done. We had to do a lot of stuff like gas up the cars... oh, and that made the credit card company call me because they thought someone stole my credit card! There was just a ton of cleaning to do, food shopping, napping... that sort of thing.

I can't believe it's practically Wednesday! See, Tuesday, when work ends, is technically Wednesday.

Upcoming Events!

Ok, here are some things that are up on my calendar right now...

Friday is Bike To Work Day in Tulsa. So, if you live in Tulsa, I encourage you to bike to work. I need to get my Hardrock SS (single speed) tweaked for Friday...

It was getting cooler, but the temps are going back up so I'm not starting a full blown bike commute just yet. Yes, I'm that wimpy.

Saturday is Turkey Mountain Trail Maintenance with the ORU kids. I think that Jenks H.S. comes out too...
So, if you are in Tulsa (yet again) come out for trail maintenance. We would love to have another hand to help cleanup the trail.

On the topic of trail maintenance, I think some people have different ideas as to what that means. Some people think that trail maintenance means removing all rocks, smoothing over roots and making the trail easy hardpack. I don't believe that at all. I do believe in fixing trail. Perhaps water keeps eroding a section, come up with a way to create a gutter with rocks. We actually did that a year or two ago and it worked pretty well.

Well, I'm going to get going now, so I'll talk to you later! Have a great early Wednesday!

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Onesimus3 said...

Check out your Dad's blogsite at I am up in Cape Cod Massachusetts with a charter bus of Joy Group members. Okies, can you say Massachusetts??
A lot of nice photos, look at photos from Sept 17 and 18.
Loads of fun.