Monday, September 03, 2007

Labor Day Post

Labor Day! What does that mean? If you don't know, you should look it up so you don't look like an idiot!

Jenni and I had a great weekend. It was pretty unusual too. We were going to go to this coffee shop downtown, DoubleShot. I just heard of it. I wonder how long they have been here... Anyway, it's really cool. Great atmosphere, awesome coffee, and just neat stuff. Nick, I wish you could be here.

The owner and operator, Brian, seems like a nice guy too. They have a website and blog and while I was searching around on both I saw that he's into mountain biking. That's cool! He has a Trek Top Fuel and he also just did the Leadville 100 (100 mile running race)! When I talked to him he handed me a flyer of their 2nd annual DoubleShot Duathlon.

I don't know if you know what a Duathlon is, and it's commonly confused with a Biathlon... I've always remembered what a Biathlon is because its the one where they cross country ski and shoot rifles. Yep, that something most people to everyday!

A Duathlon though is a an event where you run, bike, run. In this case, trail run 3 miles, mountain bike 8, and trail run 3. That's nothing to scoff at! It sounds like a ton of fun because they have a lot of free stuff and mountain biking is just fun in general but its kind of a big thing. I talked to the guy that helped put it on last year and told him, well, I'm kinda nervous. He said that they have everyone from pro level racers to people that just learned to bike.

I think I'm going to have to sign up! It's on a Saturday. October 6th or 7th, whichever of those is a Saturday. I'll be sure to have Jenni take some pictures and video.

Anyway, about yesterday. You've probably seen the video of our trip. We went to the coffee shop but they closed early so I just started driving. I didn't care where we went, we were just exploring. Every turn we took we weren't sure where it lead and that was fine. It was fun!

It was like a road trip, but we didn't really go that far. We drove about 115 miles to end up somewhere only 60 miles from Tulsa!

That's about it I guess. Oh, what are we doing today though!

Today we plan on having a picnic and little get together. We were going to have it on Riverside, but we thought it would be kind of packed so we moved it to our apartment. Not just in the apartment but on one of the grills in the grass side or Josh's grill. This way we can have a place to use the bathroom in privacy, there air conditioning if we need it (although it's been absolutely gorgeous out! And we can play Halo when it gets dark! Booya! I wonder if I should set up the other TV for Halo... Maybe I will....

I had to work just an hour today. We have a live show everyday. It's usually 12:00 - 1, but today it was just 9-10. I'm really confused as to what time it is now!

Jenni is out right now looking for rocking chairs and new pillows for our couches. Or is it “couchi...”

Templeton is behaving, sort of. He gets so excited about everything! Jenni and I gave him a bath yesterday, so he smells like vanilla! It was fun washing him because it made me feel like my Dad! My Dad is the one who washes Snickers and Templeton looks a lot like Snickers. It's also pretty cool having a dog because he listens to me. Example: Jenni will yell at T (Templeton) if he is doing something bad, but he doesn't always “listen.” Then I'll yell at T and he knows he better “listen.” (Dogs have very selective hearing!) It's cool because Snickers won't really listen to anyone but if Dad says something in his “Dad” voice, he'll do what he says! Now I have that control! Sweet!

Well, I have to clean the house, so I'll try and update later although there will be a partay!

So what is everyone else up to?

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Mike, cleaning your house? You really are sounding a lot like your dad!

I love hearing all about what you are up to. Thanks for being such a good blogger!

Miss Lucie