Sunday, September 23, 2007

Longest Sunday Ever

I don't really know why today was the longest Sunday ever. It just was. I think it's because I did so much stuff in one day! I'll focus on the highlights.

Pretty much, the big highlight of the day was mountain biking. Oh, and playing Halo with Josh.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go riding today. Well, I know I did but I hadn't totally convinced myself to get up and do it. I think I just really wanted to ride with someone. I made a few calls but no luck. No big deal, I didn't really want to ride anyway. But then I did!

That's not confusing..

So I hopped up, got dressed and put the bike on the van and took off. Just as I clipped in at Turkey Mountain and was just pedaling around the parking lot, I saw Tanner. He went to ORU and did the Womble a bunch of times in the mountain bike class. We talked for a minute and then we ended up riding together.

He is a really good rider and he races quite a bit, so I didn't want to slow him down or make myself look slow, but I rode with him anyway. If he didn't mind me tagging along, then great! So it's not anything utterly amazing but it was just a lot of fun trying to keep up with him even when I was really tired! I need some really good riders to ride with so I'm pushed really far. They will make me get faster and get in the racing mindset.

So after a quick 8 mile ride, about 55 minutes later... I was worn out! Ughhh... Not tired though, jut physically wore out. But Josh came over and we had some Mountain Dew and Halo. Man I love Halo! Halo 3 comes out on Tuesday, so get ready!

Halo makes me feel as if I'm back in college. I would love to go back to college! But here's why: I know have a real job with real money which means I have a 32 inch (dont laugh, it's big enough!) HDTV, a really nice cross country race bike, new furniture... and a million other things! But that's the only reason I want to go back to school, I want to have the awesome dorm room!

Cassidy and I had the best dorm room ever, even Josh and I had a decent setup. I'll have to dig up some pictures... Actually, they are probably on my Flickr page...

We'll I'm going to get going, maybe Josh and I will play some more Halo. Jenni is watching the girls so I'm free for just a little while longer... Hah!

Oh, and I can't find my little SD card adapter to upload pictures from my camera... so I've just been taking less!

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