Friday, September 14, 2007

Re: Real Coffee

An excerpt from an email from my mom:

"re your coffee musings, don't worry, no one really cares if you are a purist or not, life's too short to not drink coffee with sugar and cream.... nothing like caffe con leche in spain.. or cappuchino in rome... or espresso in isreal.. . its all good. so drink up whatever you like, and don't forget you have many years to evolve your preferences...

personally, i can't get into flavors added, but years ago, i liked them... still want the sweetner and cream... i don't see why suffer without the extras, myself.

but standing behind the teenieboppers at starbucks who order a triple vente doubleshot mocha-caramel frappachuno with double whipped cream and jimmies.... i just wanna say, just buy a snickers bar, will ya! they are so not coffee drinkers, and they're gonna be 300 pounds by the time they graduate..."

So that's where I get it from...

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