Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Rainy Tulsa

I love Tulsa when it rains! I don't know why. It's probably just because it is usually hot but the rain knocks the heat down... but it does add humidity... Oh well.

I was planning on mountain biking today. It just felt so good when I was riding the other day. When the weather is nice, it makes mountain biking so much better! Although, I really enjoy mountain biking whenever (except in mud).

This lunch break was spent at DoubleShot coffee. I really love this place! It has a great environment and excellent coffee. I also decided I'm going to do the DoubleShot Duathlon. Remember? The run 3, bike 8, run 3? Yeah, it's a lot, but I can do it. My goal is to just complete it. What I really want to do is to do a test one. Just to see what my time is and see what its like.

Although I think the MTB route goes “up” lipbuster. Hmmm... I've never gone that way before. I need to really start getting these legs in working order...

Nick has always been good at the climbs. Thats what I really need to work on. Usually, the big stuff get to me, or if I make it up and over, I still get hung up while trying to keep the pace.

Bob (mountain bike Bob from church...) has been helping me prepare myself both physically and mentally for racing. He has raced for years and just recently retired from it (but still rides like a demon!). He really knows his stuff! The only thing is that our schedules have conflicted with each other and I haven't ridden with him for a while. He is planning a trip to Osage State Park, that should be a lot of fun.

I'm still amazed at how much Jenni loves to mountain bike. I think she is too! She just has a blast when we're out there! And she's really good! I think that her skills on a dirt bike transferred pretty easily over into mountain biking. So, if you dirt bike, mountain biking should be easy! You just have to work up your legs a little.

That's about it for now, I better get going! Take care!

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