Thursday, January 01, 2009

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What did you all get?  Did you get stuff you liked?  I did.

But really, I had a blast being with my family and my wife's family and just relaxing with loved ones, as lame as that sounds.  That really was probably the greatest joy, hanging out with family.  

What's a close second to family?  Presents!  And no one and I mean no one.  It was awesome!  I got a ton of seemingly random stuff but things I have been begging for.  Just to give you a taste and I may go more in depth later...

- Titanium spork
- Matte black space pen
- Metal insualted french press and pound of Ethiopian coffee
- Mountain Hardwear jacket
- Wingate University Under Armor hoodie

I can feel your jealousy brewing!  Calm down!

Well, I hope your Christmas was as restful and fruitful as mine.  Thank to everyone who made this Christmas so special.

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