Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I want... no, I NEED this watch!

The 5.11 Field Ops Watch.  This thing is so cool.  Mostly because I have a Suunto Vector and I love big watches and gadgets in general.  It's got a ballistic computer!  Do you think this would work with my air rifle?  Probably not...

But if you want to buy it for me...[US Cav]

The 5.11 field watch features a SureShot™ ballistic calculator from Horus Vision and a digital compass to indicate direction and degree.

    * High-density poly-carbonate molded body
    * Extendable strap
    * Bezel face can be adjusted to monitor your time
    * Equipped with backlights
    * Multi-purpose zippered case included
    * Length: 10"


    * Day
    * Date
    * Second time zone
    * Alarm
    * Chronograph (1/100th, lap time)
    * Countdown timer
    * Hourly chime

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