Friday, August 05, 2005

America, land of the big, except breakfast.

This morning, being the second to last day of work for the summer, I decided to treat myself to McDonalds. Ooh boy was I excited! I tried desperately but to no avail to find a picture online of the so called "Big Breakfast" in advertising, but there are none suitable enough. Here the the "Big Breakfast" I recieved today...

Big? I don't think so. Good? The sausuge wasn't too bad. Oh, I also ordered an orange juice, because you have to orange juice for breakfast, and it was warm! Warm orange juice! Oh boy, I was mad! Then I started eating the hash brown, and that triple fried goodness melted away all of my worries... aaahhh... until I took a sip of that warm orange juice! I was mad again!

This is supposed to be America! Land of the big! The big SUV's. The Super Bowl. Big Presidents (Abe). Big everything! Except the Big Breakfast at McDonalds! I'm too mad to type, maybe in a minute I'll put more.


Anonymous said...

chocolate lucky charms rule my breakfast

scrappapervlog said...

I didn't even know they made chocolate lucky charms! I got to get with it!