Saturday, August 06, 2005

Ping Pong, Guess Who, and McDonald's second chance.

Last night, Jenni came over. We had breakfast for dinner then were going to either rent a movie or finish "Big Fish" but the other two beat us to it. No big deal, I don't think we had enough time for a movie anyway. So we played ping pong, which she was horrible at, then played Guess Who and she beat the snot out of me, and checkers, where I beat her by just a little bit. Here are some pictures to recap the evening.

Now is time for McDonald's second chance. I went back this morning, and I think they read my blog yesterday because I must say, they did well. The food was good and hot, and the o.j. was cold, but the eggs could still use some love. Eggs are hard to get right fast food. But this is the Deluxe Breakfast, not the Big Breakfast. I guess the rich get better service...

Also, when I pulled up in the parking lot, I parked right in front of this sign. Parking limited to 30 min? I don't know, but that just seems a little rushed right? I mean, I guess it is fast food, but sometimes you like to relax, hang out, but not at this McDonalds!

It's such a nice day so far! I drove with the windows down to work today, it was like perfect weather for me! Partly cloudy, cool but warm... very nice... I could certainly see this as a biking day. But if there is any chance of rain for the next 10 days, big K won't dare take out his steel pony.

Well, it's starting to get a little on the busy side today. I'm going to go for now. I'll leave you with this little link. I have honestly no idea what it's about so don't blame me for anything on it. It was on someone elses blog and you can change their headline. Peace!

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