Friday, August 05, 2005

Microsoft Longwait, er, I mean Longhorn slash Vista...

I just noticed today that Microsoft has given a new name and some insight on it's new OS, Vista. In an article I read about it, they say that it has been accused of copying Mac's OS X. Huh...

Oh, before I forget, my Dad keeps saying that Apple is changing from the Mac OS to Windows! I know why he says that, he's confused! Macs are switching to Intel processors from the Power PC processors, but that's it. There is no plan to make Mac for PC or anything like that, but my Dad is swearing that future Mac's are going to use Windows. He said that just like Beta and VHS, Steve Jobs is just tired of fighting Bill Gates and is giving in. You try and explain it to him, I'm done.

Ok, back to Vista. Here are few sites with Microsoft Vista screenshots.
- Microsoft Pressroom
- Extreme Tech
- Forever Geek

Vista Internet Explorer Screenshot:

Apple Safari Screenshot:

Looks pretty similar... I just read a statistic that said that Windows software runs on 90% of personal computer systems worldwide, but just because there are many more cockroaches than humans doesn't denote a higher species does it?

There is a great review of Vista here. It seems very in depth, worth reading the whole thing. there's quite a bit though.

Well, to change gears a bit, I found another "Plan B" thing. Those Wonka people are up to something! I got this pic from Nerds Rope. I love that candy...

Is anyone else concerned with this? I would love to know if anyone else has even noticed it.

Well, I'm just about to wrap up another day here at AAA. Second to last day. I think I'll shut down this post here, unless I find any cool links or anything. Have a good one, and thank you for calling AAA.