Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Jet skis, scratched dvd's, and sunglasses.

It was a great weekend, a great weekend indeed. Let's see...

On Saturday, I went with the youth group to the Allen's "River Adventure." I started out a little slow... just hanging around, then Colby invited me to take out one of the jet ski's, and I was gone! I came back to eat a slice of pizza then took off again with Nick in tow. Actually, just on the back, not really in tow. But anyway, it was a blast.

Colby's new ride.

After that, Nick and I met up with Dave at the Kochers house. Started out with a little Halo action. I didn't partake, I didn't feel like being slaughtered by the Davinator. So then we limped our way
through Garden State, good thing I've seen it before, but I felt bad for everyone else. Then I had some Red Bull and the rest is a blur... I don't know what was going on...

Results from Red Bull may vary.

This is what Mike gets for not going biking with Nick and I (see below)! I went crazy!

Then Sunday came. Jenni came over for lunch, then we went to Main Street in Newark, did a little perusing of the stores, like Grass Roots and stuff... Got some pictures, I mean I took them, didn't buy them, but took them with my camera. Either way...

Then at church on Sunday night, I ran the sound by myself, well, Marcus was there, but he let me do it my way. It was fun, a little scary, I could tell I needed practice but I think that it's a great way for me to learn it by just t
hrowing me in there.

Then I went over Jenni's house and hung out. Jenni also made me 3 blt's. They were great!

Oh, I almost forgot, Nick and I went biking on Friday. It was great! We did the Judge, then Pike Creek church loop thing, then 9 mile road backwards starting at Bryans Field. It was great! Nick went out hard as usual so I just outlasted him and at our last ride I took him on early in the ride then kept a good lead. He was totally wasted though. I gave him some cookies I had to help get some energy, gave him just enough to keep going I'm sure, I was feeling pretty good though because I took my time in the beginning. It was fun! We invited Mike K., but he didn't want to get his bike dirty. A chance of rain, but I didn't feel any drops, did you Mike?!

Nick, doing his thing.

Ok, now yesterday. I picked up Jenni, we at lunch the golden arches, then took the Buick to the shop to get worked on. Got to see Colbys new car. A nice pearl Prelude with tv's in the visors and PS2... all that good stuff. Should be ready for Wednesday night. Then after the shop, we went to the mall real quick, then over to Costco. At Costco, I got some new shades because my other ones broke on Saturday, but no problem, they were Walmart Foakleys. I actually got the same ones I used to have before, Uvex interchangeable lenses and they're polarized. I love 'em! I got them for $25. They were $30 a year ago and sell out pretty fast. I love the clear/smoke lense for mountain biking. After those errands, Jenni and I went back to her house, watched Myth Busters, then I went home.

When I got home, I went for a really fast paced little 3 mile ride around White Clay. I fell twice and pretty hard, got some new scrapes. On my way back up the hill, something happened to my bike, I wasn't even shifting gears, but my rear tire locked up and the front derailleur acted funny. With a little tinkerking, I managed to get it going again. I think that I may be a little rough with my bike, I better take it a little easier from now on.

Ok, now we are all caught up to today. Welcome.

I wanted to add some timewasters, but the work internet blocks Ebaum world. There are some great games I wanted to post on here, I guess I'll have to look for something else...

Actually, for now, that's good. I'll let you all chew on that while I find some good stuff.

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