Saturday, August 06, 2005

From Newark Post - 8/5/05

This morning at breakfast, I snagged a Newark Post and found these in the police blotter. Newark, seemingly like a perfect little town like I used to think...

Always turn the car off and lock the door, I bet this guy thought it would never happen to him...

Girls especially need to watch out for guys like this.

Also, in the Newark Post they nabbed 122 people in DUI checkpoints. Well, that was for a month long of stops. That's quite a bit, I think they need to keep it up. Clean up this town!

There are also some good things in the Newark Post. Like now through Ausust 31st Longwood Gardens is giving the opportunity for 16 students to learn in it's 2 year tuition free Professional Gardener Training Program. Check out Longwood Gardens for details.

Ok, I'm going to let this one go now too.

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