Sunday, July 16, 2006

Here's how it happened...

I know you've all been waiting for this story, and here it is.

It was about this time last week. I just couldn't wait any longer to ask her. I was waiting on my Dad to tell some stuff, financially and he gave me the go ahead. So, I knew I could just go out and get it, so I asked her, "I can propose later this week or the next and we could have a full day of stuff to do, like dinner, movie... stuff like that, or I could quite possibly do it today."

I hated to ask her like that, but I just had to. Because I wanted to ask her today, and it would still be special, but it was just last minute.

Well, she said "Yes!" So I was like, "Okay, we'll see." Then I rushed to the mall and picked it up. I then saw her and I told her that it didn't work out, and I don't want to talk about why. So, first, she was all worked up because she thought she was going to get it today, then when I told her no, she got really depressed. She tried to hide it though.

Then I told her that we could still have fun and all. We would go to Riverwalk and maybe dinner, a movie, or whatever. We'll we went back to her place for her to change into something a little nicer because I wanted to wear the new shirt she got me. While we were there, I told her boss that I was going to ask her tonight. I guess she talked to her husband and they told me I could take the Lotus.

I told them that I still had to go back to ORU to change and that I didn't want to take the Lotus there because of the speed bumps. They may be too high.

So I changed, we drove back to Jenni's. She was shocked that we got the Lotus so I told her that they are letting us take it because I told them that I was going to propose tonight, but even though I couldn't, they still wanted us to drive it.

So I also had to "get something" from my work, a videocamera. She didn't see it though.

So, we got to Riverwalk and I told her wait on a bench and I'll get her from around the corner when I am ready. She said ok. She thought I was checking on table reservations, but actually I was just putting a camcorder in the bushes! I was sweatin' like crazy, and not just because it was super hot outside!

So I went and got her and brought her to the bench. I then had to switch seats with her, even though it would have been better to see her face on camera, but she would have seen the camera because there wasn't an awesome place to hide it, but oh well!

I then told her that I was sorry that I couldn't have asked her any sooner. I told her that I was so glad that we had stayed together all of these years. Everything I said after that... was a blur! After rambling for a while, I asked if she wanted to walk around, she said yes so I stood up, but I motioned for her to stay there. I then pulled a box out of my back pocket and got one one knee. I asked those magic words, which really caught her by surprise, and she said yes!

So, it may not be the most romantic story to most people, but it was just perfect for us. Being together for over 6 years, I just wanted to surprise her, and if that meant lying a little bit so she wouldn't see it coming, then oh well! I had to lie to her because she can read me like a book!

We then spent the rest of the evening driving in the Lotus. People were looking at us and we felt so cool. Me in my new car. Her with her new ring. Then we decided to drive to the lower lot of ORU to see some people, show them the car and the ring. It actually did make it over all the speed bumps just fine. Some friends came down and I gave rides in it, just around the parking lot, to a few people. It was a lot of fun. I'll put the video on here soon, but not today.

Well, I hope you all have a great day! Take care!


Nick said...

Hey i saw a lotus today
yeah you need to post that video
i am excited to see it

Anonymous said...

Mike/Jenni--I am so happy for you guys. I finally have some time to write and let you know what you (and the rest of the world)already know: you two make a great couple. I look forward to your special day!!!
Love, Miss Lucie

Mike Kocher said...

Yeah, so Sarah is pregnant with 2 girls. Pray for me.

Nick said...

Hey let's see that video