Saturday, July 08, 2006

Mountain biking again!

Moutain Biking:

Day - Friday 7/7/06
Location - Turkey Mountain
Distance - 5.2 miles
Avg. Speed - 7.8 mph

Day - Saturday 7/8/06
Location - Turkey Mountain
Distance - 6.7 miles
Avg. Speed - 7.5 mph

Both days were pretty much just faster paced riding, but not overly pushing myself. I mean, walking up 3 flights of stairs and my quads start to ache, but at least they're not screamin'. I just need to get my lungs and legs back in order so I can beat Nick on the bike when he gets out here in August. There were some real good rides though. I saw a lot of lizards and squirrels. No one else on the trails practically either! Except a dude on a fully rigid old bike and a mountain unicycle. That unicycle guy is good. Ok, gotta go!


Nick said...

Hey man
Mom and Dad move faster and go longer than that on a bad day

scrappapervlog said...

Oh, did I say that I rode my mountain bike on the road? I meant that I mountain biked on the trail. Totally different terrain. Turkey mountain trails are more like Jeep rock crawling. You can't go fast, it's all technique.