Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It's time to move on... in the blog that is!

I put of posting new stuff for a while because I know that people were still checking out the blog and I didn't want them to have to scroll down to find info and pics about the engagement. But I think I gave enough time, so let's saddle up and move along!

But first, why did the cowboy get a daschund (weiner dog)? Because the other cowboy told him to "get a long little doggy." Hah! You'll get it later...

I have some new stuff for you all to check out, but you don't have to if you don't want to.

I just found out that HP is offering free online classes for various stuff. Mostly media related but there are some other topics thrown in there. Here is a list of available classes:
- Digital Photography
- Camera techniques/Photoshop CS2
- Security
- Firewall basics/Protect yourself from spam...
- Personal Interest
- eBay strategies/Fantasy Football 101
- Home Office

See, there are a good amount of probably useful information in there, for free! I'm gonna do the Photoshop CS2 class if I have time, although it says beginner so maybe not... I don't know. If anyone does try a class, comment about it on my blog.


Oh, I came across this and I'm almost afraid to post about it. I don't want anyone doing this to my dorm room! I guess somebody's dorm neighbor went away for a few days and his buddies decided to play a trick on him. They turned everything in his room, everything, upside down. I don't just mean flipped over. I mean the floor became the ceiling! It's amazing what 12 people and 600 galvanized screws can do in 9 days when motivated! I mean, they even bought carpet for the ceiling and ceiling tiles for the floor! You have to check out the video, or at least the stills. Here's the link.


Since Jenni and I are now engaged and planning on getting married (like we haven't been before...), and since it's past the "Y2K and computers didn't blow up and are now smarter" time period, we have decided that a website would be perfect for information about our wedding.

There was a site that I set up and it was free and gave us a 2 week trial period of the premium service, but that trial is over and we are back to basic, which has no information on it at all! Barely anything! Anyway... what I'm asking is this, is there anyone who would like to contribute all of even just a little, for Jenni and I to have this website up. It costs $89 for one year. We are getting married in about 10 months, so that's perfect. I looked at making my own site, but with hosting and a domain name and just time in creation, it would be about the same. I also really like the layout and look of this wedding site. The link to our site as of now is here. The company is

The basic free service includes:
- Nice theme (layout)
- Flash intro
- Limited photos
- Stories (how we met)
- Events
- From us (greeting)
- Background music
- Poll & quiz
- Contact info
- Basic domain name (i.e.

The yearly $89 premium service includes
- Nice theme
- Flash intro
- Photo albums
- Unlimited photos
- Maps & directions
- Out of Towners (area info.)
- Stories
- Planning
- Events
- From us
- Guestbook
- Online RSVP
- Dowloads
- Background music
- Audio & Video
- Poll & quiz
- Registry
- Wedding party
- Honeymoon
- Newlyweds
- Mailing list
- Extra information
- Thank you
- Vendors
- Contact
- Free domain name
- Free bridal magazines

Whew! As you can see, they really include everything! We would really appreciate it if someone would donate, but don't think it's expected, I just thought to myself, I said "Kyle..." (I call myself Kyle) "Kyle... you should ask!" And so I did.

So, if you would like to donate to this cause, please comment or send me an email at: scrappapervlog [at] gmail [dot] com. But don't spell it out like that, that's just for spam programs searching for emails. I have a PayPal account if that helps too.


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