Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Biking de Mountain

I started mountain biking a little more, which has been great! The weather is pretty warm here. Great biking weather, but not good weather to be locked in your dorm room with no a/c and the window only opens 4 inches (no lie).

I went biking today with Matt. He got a new Specialized Hardrock and I got him on some real trails to show him what his bike could do. I think he got a little banged up, but that boys got heart. He did really well too. Turkey Mountain can be pretty rough to first timers. It's pretty technical stuff.

Anyway, as you also read in my post yesterday, I joined the Church On The Move Cycling Club. Me and the mountain bike ride leader are going riding tomorrow. Hopefully some other guys can make it too.

Oh, since the Womble (which I still need to tell you about), my jersey and my socks have been sitting in a walmart bag. Wet. Ask Nick how bad it smelled. So I did laundry tonight and got it washed and it smells like a bed of roses. Or as good as jerseys can smell.

I wanted to wear my usual biking garb again, because of all the times since the Womble that I have ridden, I had to wear a t-shirt and regular shorts. I looked like a total noob. But tomorrow, I'll look like a pro! How bout them apples.

Ok, gotta go, Casino Royale is on. Peace.

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