Thursday, March 15, 2007

A little bit of everything.

I don't have any real topic for this so I'll just dive right in. I had a decent fall on the Womble this year. Just bumped and bruised really but I guess I got a black eye. No one, including me, noticed it until my RA saw it 2 days later.

Oh, here is a picture of Nick as I was driving back to school after a ride. He wanted to ride down Riverside but I had to run back to school. He actually looks kind of cool. Not!

Here are some pics of my new tires. I love them! Thanks again Bob! I was going to try them out today, but I was too upset about ORU losing to Washington.
Oh well.

This is what I'm working on in my Lightwave 3D class. It is a 3D rendering of a bedroom. Don't worry, it's still in pre-vis. I'm just getting an idea for everything.

Well, tomorrow I fly home for Spring Break. I am going to miss Tulsa. No, not going to "Miss Tulsa" going to miss TULSA. The weather has been really pretty decent and I just got new tires... starting to ride more... There are some cool trips planned on the COTM cycling calendar too. I guess I'll have plenty of time this summer when Jenni and I are here.

Jenni really wants to get into mountain biking too, which is great! What we would love to do is to both get new bikes. Mine is ok, but the crank arm is falling apart, the rear dropouts are stripped or something and its overall a little old. It not worth to replace everything either.

I also want to do a few races. Not to win, but that's the goal obviously, but I know it will make me a better rider overall.

I want to get the Specialized Epic and turn my Specialized Hardrock into a single speed. Then we would get Jenni either a ladies Epic or something similar.

You know how cool my van will be when I get it!? Remember that post a few posts ago...

I was just looking over my stickers... good ones! I heart NY... Estes Park (CO)... CHSP... RB... WOMBLE... maybe IMBA... I can't wait!

Well, I better go, but I may add more to this later. See ya!

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