Thursday, March 08, 2007

It's that time again... job fair!

Yesterday at ORU was their annual (?) job fair. I love the job fair for one reason, and one reason alone... S.W.A.G. (Stuff We All Get). Booya!

At the past few job fairs, I have done quite well for myself. I just walk up to a booth and this is what the conversation is usually like...

Me: Hi, I'm a junior multi media production major. What jobs do you have regarding multi media?

Booth Attendant: Nothing.

Me: Ok, can I have a hat?

Booth Attendant: Um... sure.

And bam! I'm gone!

But I think that the job fair people can smell seniors. This year was a little more dangerous. They just stand there. Staring. The ones that are by themselves are the most dangerous. If you look them in the eyes any longer than 2 seconds, they pounce on you and devour you. You stare too long and you are pulled in like the sirens call to a lost and weary sailor.

Well, I made my rounds... stopping at one booth, chatting it up... No good stuff, so I moved on.

Wait!? What do my eyes see now?! An Armed Forces booth (branch withheld)! They always have the best swag! I wonder why...

Anyway, they had a dog tag making machine. I'm hooked! I've been known to sign my life over for less... Anyway, I ran to them like a duck on a june bug! So I chit chat for a minute, then bam! I get myself some real dog tags!

Although the fine print said something about 10 years...

Till next time! Hoorah!

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