Wednesday, March 21, 2007

LOST and Tivo

It's great being back at home because we have Tivo and I just got caught up with LOST online. I haven't watched LOST in a while and I finally am all caught up.

After I finished watching the one from 3/14, I noticed that it said the next one is 3/21. Wait? What day is it today? I check my watch and it is indeed 3/21! I was like "yes." But with more enthusiasm.

So I ran downstairs to set up the Tivo... Click "Find Programs... Bloop!" Type in.. L.....O...S..T... Select show... Episode: The Man from Tallahassee... Record this episode. Bam! Done!

I feel as if I already watched it, I'm so excited! I have a guaranteed commercial free showing of LOST whenever I get home from church.


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