Monday, March 26, 2007

Small Update

This is just a tiny update. Nothing big.

It was such a nice day in Tulsa yesterday. After I got back on campus, unpacked everything, got a shower, the weather was perfect. Everything was nice and green. It was just great! Then I got hungry.

Oh, I just remembered that I had a QuickTrip survey online for a free san
dwich. So I looked it up and yup, I had a certificate for a free sandwich and another coupon for a free hotdog and 32 oz soft drink.

So I went to "cash them in." It was a nice meal. Very tasty. In fact, here is a pic.

And here are some pics from yesterday as well. It was just a really nice comfortable day in Tulsa. Oh, and the last one is a pic from this morning. See ya!

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