Monday, March 12, 2007

I Got The Job!

Hey everybody! It's finally official! I got the job! I am the main editor and photographer for the OklaTravelNet at Ackerman McQueen.

It's very exciting! It's what I wanted at a place I enjoy and with people I like!

A little info on the OklaTravelNet:
"Introducing OklaTravelNet, the world's first and only broadband channel devoted exclusively to travel news. Soon you'll be able to experience the Sooner State like never before, with a vast interactive archive of travel videos on Oklahoma, a live news ticker with links to events and attractions, and more importantly, OklaTravelNews, our daily live news program." - from website

I start June 4th but we set up everything beforehand. They have been very flexible with me, graduating and getting married and all and I greatly appreciate that.

So it looks as if Jenni and I will be living in Tulsa for at least the beginning of our lives! Wish us luck! More info and hopefully pics to come!

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Shawn H said...

After you do the 30 second report on The Nellie Johnstone oil well located at Johnston Park in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, with the first flowing commercial well in the world, what will you do?