Thursday, March 29, 2007

Private jets are where its at!

[taken from Moleskine I use as a journal... written plane ride back to Tulsa. this will explain why I want a private jet.]

Airlines are getting ridiculous! Well, you would know that unless you haven't flown in the past 20 years. See, you don't really remember the flights that went smoothly, if you ever even had one anyway.

Airlines think they own the world. What can we do? It was my spring break, vaca time. Weather screwed up plans to get into Philly on Friday evening.

Long story short... if we wanted to get into Philly, we would have to wait until Tuesday night. Now, that was only for American Airlines... I don't know about the rest of the airlines.

I'm sitting here, writing this, hot and sweaty. I mean, turn the A/C on! You don't give me the option to open my window so at least put some air on! They won't let me sit in an emergency row anymore because of one little incident... look, for the last time, I was hot and we were just sitting on the runway. I didn't know that cracking the door open would open a raft! (just kidding, I'm not that naive.)!

There are a million and one things you can say bad about airlines. We all have our vacation horror stories. And some of us are bold enough to take them on to get at least some kind of compensation. They try and fix our problems with their little band aid they call a "$250 voucher..."

But the truth is, can anyone say anything really good about the airlines? Also, this is not an attack on any airline employees. I know people that work at the airlines and they do a great job. It's usually corporate that has the problem. It's mostly the industry as a whole.

Anyway, when you fly, it's best to be an informed consumer. Below are some links about how to fly the best you can.

**Typical conversation from pilot/stewardess while flying on almost any airline today... modified for my blog...**

Sorry we are taking so long to take off folks. It appears as if the machine that breaks all the zippers and handles off your luggage is having some problems. We are going to have to do everything manually.


We are about to finish this blog post, please put your seats and tray tables in their upright and locked position and discontinue the use of any approved electronic devices.

I said seat up mister!!

Thank you for flying with us, we look forward to canceling your flight again soon.

I will now tell you what gate you need to go to for your connecting flight, and if you are dumb enough to go to it without checking the big tv's when you deplane, then may God have mercy on your soul.


[links taken from Best Life magazine, Dec. 06/Jan 07]

- Research your flight. US DOT publishes info with the worst time records in America -- by route, airline, and flight number.

- Invoke Rule 240. Basically what it is, is that if there is a cancellation, not due to weather, the airline has to put you on THE next available flight, not necessarily THEIR next available flight.

- Seat Guru. Find the best seat on almost any plane and airline.

There are plenty of different websites that tell you how to not get screwed over by the airlines and I suggest just doing some good ol' fashioned research!

Go. Fly prepared!

Thanks for reading!

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