Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I Won!

We have been having these contests and stuff at work recently... actually, they just ended, but it was an 80's theme, and we had different brain teasers, movie quotes, word searches, all that kind of stuff... and the first person to turn the paper in with the right answer won stuff. The biggest things I've are movie tickets to Regal Cinema. I got 2 on Saturday and 1 more today. I am CraZy! I also got some stuff, like points I can redeem for other stuff, like movie tickets, but the movie tickets are the only real prizes.

Benjamins practice was cancelled, so I just went over to pick up Pastor Bens bike. Mike K gave it to him because it costs to much to repair and he (Mike) just bought a new one! Ben wants me to see if I can get it in working order for Saturday. We'll see. Maybe if I didn't have to work everyday, but I'll see what I can do. I think it may just need some basic tune up, tightening of cables, air in the tires... but it could certainly use a major overhaul, like a new fork, brakes, cables, derailleur, chain, cassette, tubes/tires... you get the idea, I guess everything but the frame. Actually, not really, but if you did all that, it would probably last another 20 years, but it should be fine right now with a basic tune up.

Well, I'm just going to post this and move on. I'm looking at mountain bike repair books, trying to see how to fix Pastor Bens bike...

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Chrissy said...

you won like friggin everything! i just stopped trying on those friggin quizes!