Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Take Back Your Photos!

I just found, well a few days ago, this great website, if you're into photography... it's called Better Photo. It has great stuff on it! You can set up your own gallery, a free one (but only 30 pictures, so make it your best), or look at other ones that people have posted with specific cameras... I made a gallery, but haven't put any pictures on it yet, I need to clean up my computer first.

My computer a few days ago had only 488 MB of space left on the hard drive. Mostly due to pictures. So I deleted a bunch of songs and pictures that I knew I'd never use and now I have about a gig and half. I'm trying to find someone (or maybe will buy one myself) with an external CD burner. My laptop doesn't even have that! That way I can put all my pictures on CD's and print index prints, that way I know what pictures are on what CD's. I also have a special photo/CD album that is made for that. That will clear up practically my whole hard drive!

If I can't find a CD burner, then I will probably put all the pics on my iPod then transfer them to my Dad's computer and burn them. We'll see how that goes... I take so many pictures! I'm starting to take some better ones, I guess it just takes practice. There was a lightning storm last night, and you know what that means! Bust out the film SLR! I know I got some good ones, I think I'm going to go early to church so I can drop off the film at Walmart and get it developed! I can't wait! That's all for now, I'll keep you posted when I put pictures online!

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