Friday, June 24, 2005

Whose Yard is the Longest?

I just went to see The Longest Yard last night with Jenni. So, I used up 2 out of 4 free tickets! It had a lot of funny parts, but was a little, well, maybe a little more than a little, crude at time. So I give it half a star (you'll only get it if you watched it).

Today, I am going to go biking right after work with Nick, and maybe Mike and Matt. The dynamic duo against the K-Bros! Dum dum dum..... I think we are doing the trail across from Deerfield today. That is such a fun run. Maybe I'll do it once, race pace, then cruise through again to hit up the free ride park... We'll see.

Tomorrow is the big day! For us Royal Rangers that is. The Fair Hill Poker Run. Bike Line is renting 2 bikes for us, but they don't have any front suspension in a large size, only medium. So we are going to need either fully rigid or full suspension. I emailed Bike Line, but will also call them later to see if we can get the full suspension for the front suspension price. Hopefully that will fly, but I don't like the Bike Line people too much, I'm a Wooden Wheels kinda guy.
I've been checking some other peoples posts... I like what I see. Check out the Bike riding donut guy and Bike Nerd. Pretty neat. Well, I gotta eat lunch!

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