Friday, June 03, 2005

When the world ends, I'll collect my things.

Heyya! I don't really know where that title came from or if it means anything. I think it may be part of a Dave Matthews song... Anyway, I have a little update for ya. Last night, I took Benjamin (9) and Joshua (?) out to Burger King, then Toys-R-Us. I can tell they had a lot of fun, even Joshua, who didn't get any toy except for his Burger King meal toy. Benjamin picked out a lightsabre and an Anakin Skywalker fighter ship.

Oh, I'm getting a Camelbak MULE for $38.99! How about that! I found this great deal on It was advertised for $38, but then when you click the link, it goes up to $59. I did their "price match" and they accepted it, so I got one! Should be here probably in a week or so, I don't know. I'll tell you when the ship it, just standard ground shipping.

Yep, I like blogger a lot better than xanga. It seems more adult, and there's not ads or banners everywhere. It is for the upper crust of society...

Oh, another little update, Apple is giving out (well, not GIVING out...) $50 vouchers for those with faulty 3G iPod's (battery). All I need is proof of purchase, my old roommate purchased it originally, we'll see what I can do.

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