Monday, June 06, 2005

If you can't stand the heat... go inside.

Ok, I thought yesterday was hot, but today... Wow! It's so stinkin' hot! I woke up around 10, although I was really up, but just fighting sleep around 9. I then watched a little T.V., then got in my swimsuit and did some snorkeling in the pool. Then I skimmed and vaccumed the pool, now am typing this. There was other stuff that went on in between the pool and this, but it's just boring stuff.

Anyway, it's about 90 degrees outside, the pool is 70. I was a little cold at first, I'd like it a little warmer, or if I had a wetsuit... Anyway, it's really humid too, so that makes it feel a lot hotter than it is.

I'm currently making a family website, it's going to be pretty lame, but I know my parents will like it. Comcast, our Internet provider, has a free website builder. THey make it really easy so anyone can do it and the features are pretty decent. When I'm done, I'll put the link on here.

I've been listening to Jack Johnson for like a week straight. I don't know, I just can't get enough. I'm like totally in the Jack Johnson mood! Whatever that is...

6 days till Jenni comes home! I can't wait! I'm picking her up at the airport, well, with her family, on Saturday at like 10 or 11 p.m. You don't know how excited I am! Oh crap! I forgot to get her a birthday card! Her birthday was May 23rd and she was gone during it, but I got some good gifts and all, but I just forgot the card. No big deal, I still need to check with her on when we are going to celebrate it.

Has anyone gone to Rate My Professors yet? You should, it's great! Just pick your state, then school, then find your teachers and rate them! You gotta see what somebody put for my Dad! Here, check it out!

I have recently been getting these urges to go SCUBA diving. I only went once, well a bunch of times in a pool, but once in a lake, Lake Tenkiller in Oklahoma. Someday, and probably sooner than later, I am going to take a trip to Florida and go SCUBA diving. I'll probably take Jenni and Cassidy with me, mostly because they're certified as well.

Well, I'm gonna go, I'm working on the website! Peace! Ride hard!

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