Friday, June 03, 2005

Thank you for calling AAA, my name is Mike, how may I help you?

Yep, that's my line. Why do we work? I think I know why I work. I work for the money to buy things. I have a job that pays well, but I don't enjoy it too much, but that isn't a problem, because I am still in college and this isn't any kind of job that corresponds with my major either!

I think that when someone finds a job they truly enjoy, I mean, the one thing they have always dreamt of doing, and they do it, THATS when they stop working in a sense. Is something that you think is fun and enjoyable work? It can be, but if you enjoy it, it's at like a whole new level. I can't wait to find that job that I look forward to doing, getting up every morning and heading out. I'm not even sure what that "perfect" job is; maybe tv camera work, movie camera work, directing, producing, owning my own production agency (weddings, website, commercials)... We'll see.

Sometimes I really think that the main reason I work is to buy nice things. Granted they are things that I enjoy, but would I still buy all those nicer things if I wasn't comparing myself to others, or the "Jones'?" No one ever has a problem with something until they compare. Say my mom gave me a piece of cake, maybe even brought it up to my room, I would love it and be grateful (excuse the corniness, almost done). But say she also brought one to my little brother and I found out that he got a bigger piece, I would be upset because I compared what I had to what someone else had. I think comparing can sometimes be a very unconscious thing.

I don't know what I'm talking about except that I look forward to the day that I can get up from bed while my wife is still sleeping, go to the job that I love, meet my wife for lunch, head back to work, then make it home in time for dinner and my sons baseball game and daughters dance recital. Sounds good? I think it sounds great.

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