Friday, July 29, 2005

Back by popular demand!

Yeah, I really liked the old look a lot better. I just wanted to make sure somebody saw it before I changed it back. For those of you who didn't see it, well, sorry we missed you!

Well... Let's think of what's new...

Last night, after dinner, Nick and I did a nice little ride. Now his bike is squeaky and mine is silent. But he also has an XT rear derailleur and upgraded shifters and brakes. I would like them too, but I just don't need them. He needed to get them when he had to replace his old Acera. He also upgraded to a 9 speed cassette, but why am I making this whole blog about him?! Either way... we did a nice little ride through part of the Mason-Dixon trail near our house, trails were pretty try (that was a test) and then took Creek Rd to the small bridge over the creek, followed that over hopkins into the Nature Center, then up the hill, across the field and up the road to the Park Office. We then went up the small road to Corner Ketch, then back down some decent hilly, windy, singletrack and then the same route back home, except we went up Wedgewood Rd. Lot's of fun though.

When we got through everything and were on our way home, my stomach had had enough! I wanted to throw up but couldn't. It may have had something to do with the 3 lbs of teryaki steak I just ate (well not really 3 lbs, but a lot)! But luckily, I brought some Brioschi, that stuff works miracles. I was back on the saddle in no time and beating the Nick up the hill (but he also had some shifting problems)!

I can't wait for tomorrow! The Allen's have a youth group thing going on and it should be a blast, even though I'm there to mostly just help out. I'm not allowed to have fun. Sike! Sike na! But after that is a movie/Halo/Katie beating Dave feastival at the K's! It's going to be great, because I'm bringing a Red Bull.

On Ebaums World, I just watched a video of a guy pulling his big toenail off with vice grips. That's disturbing. I need to know details, anybody with details or anyone with a good imagination and likes to make things up, leave a comment. I would put a link on here, but Ebaums is blocked from work. I also have only been there like twice, I like big-boys better, I think...

That's a good enough post for now, maybe I'll get some time wasters on here in a little bit. Pace makers!

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