Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm back!

Ok, I just have time for a teeny weeny post because it's pretty busy at work... but you know how that goes, I will probably make this a huge one...

Anyway, here are some cool links...

Three different underwater hotels.

A totally time wasting time waster...

Hung out with the little lady last night on Main St, Newark. Fun. Got some cheese sticks at the Diner, then walked up and down main st looking at Grass Roots and stuff like that. Then topped it off with a trip to Rita's to finally use my free gelati coupon. I was bored out of my mind yesterday! I did absolutely nothing! Then dinner was perogies (I don't know how to spell it), and I hate those things!

Well, I'm back at work now. As usual.

I had so much fun in North Carolina last week! I got to do so much stuff! One of the highlights was riding a jet ski that Jenni's cousin Nealy brought. I got it up to 62 mph! It felt a lot faster than that! Also, the Safrit's bought a tube, the kind you pull behind a boat. That was a blast! The tube was a lot like this one, but different color and model, it was called Wake Burner or something...

The jet ski I rode was a 1999 Yamaha GP 1200.

While I was riding I saw another guy on a jet ski go by, so I chased him down and was riding along side of him at around 55 mph, when he looked over, smiled real big, then took off like I was sitting still, I was practically maxed out! Later on, Kenny and I saw him park at a house across the lake and Kenny went over to talk to him. He came back and told me that it was a supercharged four stroke! This is the new model of his, I think he had just last years model, it looked almost identical. He said it goes over 70 mph and has 215 hp while mine was only about 135 hp! I want one!

Every night at the lake, Kenny and Jeremy and I would fish, catching nothing really, but just hanging out and drinking Red Bull. Well, AMP for Jeremy.

Wisdom teeth are going to have to go soon... not sure when. They don't hurt or anything, but are going to be taken out just in case they kill me.

Info on the Tour.

Does anyone want Dorney Park tickets cheap? Well, a little cheaper than Pastor Ben is selling. I got 2 and I don't think I'm going, I may eBay them...

Well, that's good for now, take care.

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