Wednesday, July 20, 2005

New dogs and noodle salad.

Crazy title huh? I know, I made it up myself!

Anyway, I went over Jenni's house last night after dinner to eat dinner. Well, I wasn't going to have anything, but I ended up just having a little piece of chicken, a roll or two and some brownie with ice cream. They had a bunch of people over, well, not a tone of people, just family friends. Anyway, it was a lot of fun.

Can you believe the new Wal-Mart opens today!? I can't wait!

On another note, the Safrit's got a dog. It's a female white german shepherd. She is really nice! I like her, she's not very big though, but they wanted something a little smaller than the last one. Below is picture of what it looks like, it's not exactly the same though.

They haven't named her yet though. She seems like a really great dog, real friendly and all.

Well, that's a good post for now, I know there's more to say, but I'll do it on my lunch break, maybe... maybe not... maybe...

Someday I'll work here...

This one's for Davie...

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