Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bikes & Bugs

My fit kit for the Buick came 2 days ago. I installed the roof rack on the Buick last night. Here are some pics.

The Buick began its new life!

The Subaru... Naked...

A depressing lineup.

Poor Suzy Subaru... being mocked...

Ok, enough with the pics. I just had to get some because it was the first day with the new rack.

I also got my bike fixed yesterday, the bottom bracket was just loose. Jeff, my neighbor, took the bottom bracket out, degreased and regreased it
and put it back it. Silence once again! I had a few more things I wanted him to look at but he was busy with his little son, so I didn't want to bother him more. I'll talk to him later, maybe tomorrow or something. He is like the best neighbor that we could ever have!

He is practically a bike mechanic with a whole shop in his basement. But he just brought one of his bike stands in the garage, that way we could just work out there. Great guy though. He has one of these, but his is way upgraded... like carbon fiber crank arms... stuff like that. Jeff also has a cannodale cyclocross bike. Not the same as this one, but just to give you an idea... I'll have to just get a picture of it and post it because its one of the sweetest bike I've ever seen. He also has a tandem, don't remember the model with a baby carraige pulle behind attachment. Then he has a mountain bike, Specialized Stumpjumper, and older model, and a carbon fiber bike, but that's back at the factory right now. Can't remember the name of the carbon fiber bike... Either way...

Yesterday, after dinner, I saw a praying mantis on the porch door. So I said to myself "Kyle (I call myself Kyle), you need to get a close up of that!
" And I did! Check it! This is the closest you can zoom in on the camera. I used my Minolta X50 with the Macro feature and then zoomed in all the way, and used the flash too. His eyes look blurry, but it's just because his eyes are like that. I think he's smiling!

I think that's good for now, I'm sure I'll think of something else and add it, but maybe during my lunch break. Take luck!

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