Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's better than being naked!

I found 2 shirts that I want. Pretty bad too. The first one is Lances yellow jersey. Well, not the one that he wore, but one you can buy, for me. But if the price for that yellow jersey is too steep, then one of you can buy me this one, its significantly cheaper, but equally or not greater in coolness.

The more and more I look at my new template, the more I don't like it. I really think I'm going to be going back to my old look. You know what they say, people in glass houses sink ships.

If someone were to either give me this bike, or let me borrow it for a year, I would seriously consider never owning a Specialized again! This may be the bike that converts me!

I got to touch it at Bike Line... I'm in love...

Oh, I won a Sierra Mist at work today. We played "Let's Make a Deal!" The thing was, whoever had a 1994 penny, well, you know I did! Booya! Ooombop... I'm so happy! Ok...

It's been constantly call after call! Uhhh...

I also wouldn't mind getting this bike either.

This is what goes on inside of my head!

Well, that's a good post for now.

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