Friday, June 16, 2006

Awesome night!

Hey guys! I just got done taping the Third Day concert at Freedom Live in the ORU Mabee Center. And guess what! I got a picture with them! So cool! I almost didn't because they were making a bee line for their van, but I stopped short and with the help of a security guard, I was in business! Sorry the pic is so crappy, it was foggy where we were. I cleaned it up in photoshop though. Oh, I also found a Third Day guitar pick. Really cool!

I also am posting my pics with Miss America, Jennifer Berry, and Miss Oklahoma, Jennifer Warren. I hope you like em'!

Tomorrow night is Newsboys, so wish me luck! Oh, I technical directed tonight, but tomorrow I run a handheld camera. Peace out!


Nick said...

keep the updates coming
haah you stoped third day so you could get a picture. what did the security guard tell them there was a bomb in there van to stall them

scrappapervlog said...

I'm trying to keep the comments coming, but they could stop at any time... About the security guard... who told you!