Sunday, June 25, 2006

SL-500. That's right.

So, tonight... I got a call from my director (not like an AA director, but tv director) this morning asking me to run camera tonight at the big church. I was like, "sure." Because you never know when you'll need a favor, so I do favors for other people. It was fun.. I just ran centerline, so you can't be ultra creative, but it was still good. I never ran camera in the big service before.

Afterwards, Jenni and Maggie and I went to where Maggie works to have a snack and hang out for a minute, and pick up Jenni's car (it was parked there). Then they let me drive their car just up and down the street. It's a Mercedes Benz SL-500. How cool is that! I got some pics, and some video. Keep in mind, the pictures will be a little fuzzy because it was getting dark and it's hard to hold the camera steady. And the video quality is a little poor because it's a digital camera.

I'm not sure of the year of the car, I forgot to ask. By the looks of it, a 2003 or
2004 most likely. I went to the Mercedes website, they only have an SL 550. I guess they stopped making the 500. Here is the link.

Anyway, some specs are:

- 5.0 liter V8
- 302 hp @ 5600rpm
- 0-60 in 6.67 sec.
- 339 lb-ft torque @ 2700rpm
- 4045 lbs.
- Hard top convertible.
- Base price of $86,710.

Ok, here are the pics.

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