Monday, June 19, 2006

Speaking of Christian concerts...

I just remembered about Creation. Has anyone heard of that? I went to it when I was like 13. It was awesome! Practically every Christian music artist and band will be there. Check it out: They have two of them. A northwest one in Washington state and a northeast one in Pennsylvania. It's too close in time schedule to hit up the PA one, but maybe the WA?... Who knows!

Also, I'm getting a new cell phone. Here is a pic. I'll be glad to get rid of the piece of crap I have now... The main factors that I love about it are:
1. It has bluetooth.
2. It has a speakerphone (but with bluetooth, that's no big deal)
3. It's free.
And it has a camera, but I don't really care because I have a 5MP camera that is probably close in size to the phone.


Nick said...

new phone
and i cant see jenni or her mom
so i believe you are lieing to me

scrappapervlog said...

Well then you're not looking hard enough. See the girl on the left with the headband on? That's Jenni. Get your eyes checked!

mom said...

creation is next week here, I know someone from church who is going. it starts tuesday. i hear its great, but never went.