Thursday, June 29, 2006


I don't know how much of all this stuff is brand new, but Google certainly has made some cool stuff recently. Check out the links below: Oh! I just forgot, I can't make links in here, because I'm on the work computer... No Firefox on this computer...

- Google Notebook -
Clip and collect information as you browse the web.

- Google Trends -
See what the world is searching for. Just check it out.

- Google Mars -
Just like Google Maps, but of Mars. Pretty cool.

- Google Spreadsheets -
Create, store, and share spreadsheets on the web.

- Google Reader -
Read RSS feeds and subscribe to podcasts (like mine).

- Google Labs -
Contains list and links to all of Google's cool new stuff.

All of those things just give more reason to believe that Google is planning on making their own OS. I read an article somewhere a few months ago, maybe a year ago, saying that Google was wanting to make their own operating system. It would different than the way we have it now. It would be web based. They want to build a computer that is more like a tablet you just carry around the house and do all your work through a wireless connection. I haven't checked, or heard any details as of yet, but I'll keep looking. In the mean time, check out those links. They are pretty cool products!

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