Sunday, June 18, 2006

Check it out!

My wish did come true! I got pictures with the Newsboys, no group shot, but everyone individually! Well, except Duncan because he was really late due to a forced landing in Arkansas. He had to drive the rest of the way. I also got them to sign my CD! All 5 of them signed!

I almost didn't get pictures or signatures either! I went really early to the show and I went to where Third Day was the day before. In a private room with a TV, shower, chairs... and a guard sitting outside the door. I asked the guard if I could leave my CD (with a note and sharpie attached) in the room and they can sign it at their leisure then I'll pick it up after the show. He said no, but they are at the "meet & greet" at the Mezzanine. We'll, Matt and I went to the back way to the meet & greet and somehow got first in line kind of. The Newsboys and Superchick were just starting to go around the circle and shake hands, sign autographs and take pictures. So I got my pictures, I got some signatures, then I bolted. But I only had 3 signatures, I needed two more. I went back to their room later, they were eating... waited for the guard to leave (he walked away for a minute), then knocked on the door, opened it up, and asked them if I could leave the CD on the table. They said sure and they would make sure Duncan would sign it when he arrived. I said thank you and left. Awesome! So, long story short, I picked the CD up after the show and it was so cool! Also, I did find a guitart pick that said Newsboys, but I gave it to this little girl. She was so excited. Well, I gotta go, I hope you enjoy the pics!

This pic is from the Third Day concert yesterday.

This is the CD from the Newsboys concert tonight.

Peter Furler and I.

Phil Joel and I.

Jeff Frankenstein and I.

Paul Coleman and I.

Zoegirl and I.


Nick said...

Man i think your job may be more fun than my possible business major

Matt Stephens said...

I am constantly amazed. Hey, not to correct you or anything but it was not superchick, it was zoegirl. Sorry man for not being more up on who the people were. I had a ton of fun.

scrappapervlog said...

Yo matt... I changed it way before you commented! Booya!