Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Biking and hiking and kyaking, oh my!

My brother, as some of you may know him, has sent me a link to Eco Primal Quest. Upon recieving the link, I quickly checked it out. It's awesome! You all have to go the the site and watch the video on the main page. It's not very short, so expect to sit at you computer for a little bit. No, but really, it's cool.

It's an adventure race. Adventure races can last anywhere from 4 hours to days. This is the big daddy of all adventure races.

Here are some of the details. You make a team with 3 other people. First one through the course by going through all the checkpoints wins. That's it. No tricks. Seriously though, it's a lot more involved than that. The course is about 417 miles in length. Lowest elevation: 3,933. Highest elevation: 10,539. The events, in no particular order are:
- Ropes (rock climbing)
- Desert Trekking
- Mountain Trekking
- Mountain Biking
- Horseback Riding
- Paddling (kayaking)
- Whitewater Swim (up to class 3 rapids)
- Canyoneering
- Orienteering

Sound like fun yet?

Team Spyder was in the lead for a long time, but not anymore. They went out too fast and they seemed to have bonked, at least their leader anyway. Here is an excerpt from "Primal Quest News" from the website. You can also click here to read the rest of the article.

I caught up with the captain of Team Spyder Danelle Ballengee yesterday evening... When prompted about how much sleep her team got, she said that in total, they probably had about 3 hours since the race began, but not all of it good sleep. The night before, they spent the night by the side of the river, where they were eaten alive by the mosquitoes."

This year, the race is in Utah. It's really hot in Utah right now I guess. Also, to navigate, they only have a map and a compass.

Well, I wanted to give more info on it, but I have to go to work. I hope everyone has an awesome night! Take care!

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